Silenced compressors

Silenced compressors with belt drive

Our silenced belt-driven compressors are assembled inside a metal cabin internally lined with sound-absorbing material to reduce noise emissions. All the components are built with the highest quality materials, including the internal sponge, which is the most resistant one on the market today (no crumbling).

Our silenced electric compressors are equipped with a pulsation damper tank, an electric fan for auxiliary cooling (3kW and above), an easy-to-read control panel equipped with an hour meter and a motor protection switch. Single-stage and two-stage units are available.

Not sure who to contact to request the supply of a silenced, non-lubricated, monophase compressor? Do you need to purchase a super silenced, electric dry compressor with a 50-litre tank?

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Silenced Series

The silenced, single-stage and oil-free compressors can be assembled on a tank, with or without a dryer, thus allowing the end user to install a complete compressed air station in a small space.


Silent Series

This is a simplified range that ensures keeping costs down while maintaining good soundproofing. These compressors are equipped with a single thermostatically controlled fan, anti-vibration elements and insulating material of high quality and durability.


Sil Comp Series

Monophase, super silent electro-compressors, for small capacities, with powers of 0.450 HP – 0.340kW. As the noise does not exceed that of a domestic refrigerator, these are ideal machines for small laboratories or domestic use.