4-cylinder two-stage pumping units

Our catalogue includes 4-cylinder two-stage compressor units, specifically designed and manufactured to handle large volumes of compressed air. These components are suitable for industrial compressors of the Gis brand as well as other manufacturers’ structures, subject to appropriate checks and modifications.

The 4-cylinder two-stage pumping units are available in two different powers: 10/15 HP – 7.5/11 kW and 15/20 HP – 11/15 kW.

As these are pumping units for use in large industrial environments, their capacity in litres per minute ranges from 1236/1600 to 1826/2363.

Rely on the professionals of compressed air and contact us for information and customised quotations. We distribute throughout Italy and also export internationally.


The advantages of our 4-cylinder compressor units

Having become a reference point for the manufacture and sale of compressors, accessories and components for compressed air treatment, each product that bears our brand offers unique advantages. Among the most important are:

  • State-of-the-art technology: our 4-cylinder compressor units are manufactured with modern technical and developmental advances in mind.
  • Reliability and quality assurance: Gis pumping units are extremely durable, efficient, and made from the best materials for unrivalled robustness and performance.
  • Versatility: our extensive know-how allows us to offer you customised solutions, whatever your requirements. You can opt for different capacities and powers to meet your specific productivity criteria.

The sectors that rely on our products

Belt-driven two-stage compressor units are designed to facilitate the production of more energy, making them perfect for large-scale, continuous operations.

Those who turn to us for 4-cylinder compressor units operate in a variety of fields, including metalworking shops, machine shops, Food & beverage and packaging plants, as well as the automotive and aerospace industries.

We are at your complete disposal to provide additional details and tailor-made quotations. Our products and services cover the whole of Italy and are also regularly exported abroad for their undisputed quality.