High performance series

Professional air compressor

The High Performance compressor series is characterised by a Japanese production group that makes use of the machine very similar to a screw compressor (also suitable for continuous use). In addition, the head is guaranteed for 4 years or 10,000 h (provided original spare parts are always used).

Our company is a leader in the supply of professional air compressors, monophase or three-phase, with excellent performance, suitable for a wide range of applications.

The cutting-edge technologies we use allow compressed air users to achieve sustainability goals, with energy-saving and oil-free compressors that have a lower environmental impact.

Do you need a silenced dry compressor? Do you need to purchase a professional single-cylinder compressor? Contact us! We will be able to provide you with the best high performance compressor best suited to your needs.

We always have an innovative response to the demand for compressed air

Thanks to a complete range of exceptional high performance compressors, we always have an innovative response to the demand for compressed air for the industry.

Our products demonstrate their reliability in the toughest environmental conditions and offer significant savings thanks to energy efficiency and limited maintenance requirements.

The compression technology makes these compressors a leader in efficiency.

Heat- and wear-resistant piston

The composite resin piston is made of heat-resistant and thermosetting resin. It has excellent anti-wear characteristics and is able to withstand continuous use at high temperatures. The sealing ring of the compressor is made of Teflon-based resin which has excellent properties of resistance to heat and wear.


Oil-free products able to adapt to every sector and application

Our company offers a wide range of oil-free products able to adapt to every sector and application. Thanks to our consolidated experience in the sector, we will evaluate and propose the best oil-free solution for your requirements, also putting our know-how at your disposal for low pressure applications.

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