Hobby Series coaxial compressors

You need a 25-litre coaxial compressor

Our Hobby coaxial compressor series is specific for domestic and hobby use.

Our coaxial compressors are:

  • Produced with the utmost care
  • Equipped with large support feet for stable and vibration-free positioning
  • Provided with a practical additional handle to facilitate transportation and movement
  • Complete with pressure reducer

Single and twin cylinders are available, all coaxial and monophase.

Do you need to buy a coaxial compressor with built-in pressure reducer? Are you looking for a company that deals with the production of compressed air machines for hobbyists 

Contact us to request a free, personalised quote. We operate throughout Italy and overseas.

Products and services of excellence

When choosing an air compressor you may not know exactly what to look for. The reason is that such compressors operate different types of instruments, in addition to covering a wide range of uses. To obtain an air supply that is suited to your needs, you will need to acquire the correct knowledge and skills of a specialist company such as ours.

Specialised in the design and production of air compressors for over 60 years, we are proud to offer you products and services of excellence, ideal to satisfy the needs of an attentive and demanding clientèle.

The starting point for any planning and consultancy is the analysis of the current and possibly future compressed air requirements.


Maximum speed for repairs

Our experience in the sector allows us to perform preventive and extraordinary maintenance on any compressor with competence and speed. Thanks to the service vehicles, equipped and fitted with spare parts and necessary maintenance parts, repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible. The large spare parts warehouse and the availability of “forklift” machines guarantee the customer operational safety even in emergency conditions.

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