Silent Series

Discover our range of Silent compressors

The Silent line includes compressors assembled on the tank: this is a simplified range ensuring the containing of costs while maintaining good soundproofing.

All the compressors are equipped with a single thermostatically controlled fan, anti-vibration and insulating material of high quality and durability. Two sizes are available:

  • The first is assembled on a 100- or 200-litre tank with power from 2 HP/1.5 kW to 4 HP/3 kW
  • The second is assembled on a 270-litre tank with power from 5.5 HP/4kW to 10 HP/7.5kW

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Good levels of comfort

The range of Silent compressors offers good levels of comfort, in fact at the design stage, we conceived a more essential assembly but always paying particular attention to the reduction of noise. The line is suitable for all professional applications because it is designed to work without being disturbed by noise, particularly in all cases where the compressor is near the workstation or in an urban context where attention must be paid to the needs of persons that work or live nearby.


Technology and design

The new range of Silent compressors, entirely designed and built at our headquarters, is the result of recent technology and design studies. Designed to resolve the problem of noise in the workplace, these compressors stand out on the market for the lowest noise level in the category and for their advantageous prices.

The combination of high-quality materials and maximum precision in the assembly of the machine allow us to ensure products with excellent performance and longevity.

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