Horizontal tank

Compressor with horizontal tank

The compressor with horizontal tank is perhaps the most widespread among belt driven piston compressors: it starts from a minimum power of 2Hp 1.5kW up to 20 HP 15kW.

The capacity of the tank varies from 20 litres up to 1000 litres and, on request, we can also increase this further.

Up to 270 litres the standard tank is wheeled and as standard the pressure reducer is mounted; from the 500 litres the standard is with fixed feet with anti-vibration mountings and the pressure reducer is not provided.

Our range also includes the so-called “twin” compressed air compressors, that is with a double tank of 11 + 11 litres.

We offer single-stage and two-stage units, always equipped with a cooling manifold and a robust metal belt guard.

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We always guarantee the best quality

All our compressors are equipped with cast iron cylinders and steel valve plates; in the range there are both single-phase and three-phase compressors, both on wheels (with wheels) and with fixed feet. The latter are always fitted with anti-vibration mountings, while only the wheeled compressors are equipped with a pressure reducer.

The products we supply always have a sturdy, painted belt guard grille. They are carefully assembled and checked one by one to always guarantee the best quality.


Power, efficiency and ease of use

Power, efficiency and ease of use: the complete range of professional compressors supplied by us is able to meet the needs of any professional or hobby activity in which the use of compressed air is required. Our products are guaranteed for high adaptability and efficiency and are also impeccable due to their versatility, operational simplicity and their respect for the environment.

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