Silenced Series

Single-stage silenced air compressors

The silenced, single-stage and oil-free compressors can be assembled on a tank, with or without a dryer, thus allowing the end user to install a complete compressed air station in a small space.

Gis is a leading company in the production of silenced belt driven compressors. Located in Carpi, in the province of Modena, it operates throughout the national and international territory supplying high quality products at factory prices. The company is characterised by the continuous technical updating of its staff, consisting of experts in the sector, as well as by technology, that is, the machinery used for its activities.

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Two models of silenced electric compressors

Our range of silenced electric compressors is divided into two models:

  • The first smaller one is equipped with units and motors that start at a power of 2 HP – 1.5kW and reach 4HP – 3kW. Internally they are equipped with an integrated 24-litre tank fitted on anti-vibration mountings. All the panels have a double lock with key to facilitate checks and maintenance.
  • The largest model starts from 4 HP – 3kW and reaches 10HP – 7.5kW, and is equipped with two thermostatically controlled fans to allow the machine to always work in the best conditions, even when the outside temperatures are high.

These models are equipped with a built-in 3-litre tank fitted on anti-vibration mountings.


Pre- and post-sales consultancy and assistance services

For over 60 years we have been operating in the compressed air sector with solutions capable of meeting the needs of all potential customers.

We deal with the creation and sale of compressors and systems for the production and treatment of compressed air, offering our customers pre- and post-sales consultancy and assistance services.

Our skills allow us to understand the needs of each customer in order to always offer the best solution that allows us to optimise costs and to safeguard the investment.

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