Screw compressors

We produce different types of screw compressors

We produce screw compressors considering them industrial machines built for intense work: this is why we only use high quality components such as the notoriously indestructible Aeroquip tubes.

The suction valve is produced on our design and treated with hard oxide, while the screw units are oversized to maintain a low number of revolutions, just as the water/oil separator tank with filter inside the tank is also oversized (no spin/on). Furthermore, we assemble an external pre-filter for perfect cleaning of the machine.

Transmission is via very long-lasting POLY V belts and the radiator is large and thermostatically controlled. The pressure is regulated by a pressure transducer (no pressure switch) connected with decimal adjustment by an electric control unit.

All this because our goal is to focus on quality and endurance.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of industrial screw compressors with inverter or tank with dryer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We export to all continents.


Screw type

The screw compressor must be installed whenever the user needs constant air so that they are able to work continuously. Designed, in fact, to maintain a constant speed, it is able to work in the most extreme conditions of use.


On tank

In all cases where there is a need to contain dimensions, the screw compressor can be assembled directly on the tank. In this way, a compressed air station can be placed in a small space. Upon request, we can also create special assemblies.


On tank with dryer

The compressor-on-tank version with dryer is in effect a complete plant for the production and treatment of compressed air assembled down to the smallest detail and capable of supplying condensation-free air.


With Inverter

The screw compressors with inverter have an electronic input/output device that is able to convert a direct current input into an alternating current output and to vary its amplitude and frequency parameters.