Top Series

Looking for oil-free compressor manufacturers?

The Top series oil-free compressors are entirely produced at our factory based on our design. The power starts at 1 HP and reaches up to 3 HP, with pumping units of 1, 2 or 3 cylinders. The units are coaxial, i.e. directly connected to the motor for better performance.

We fit high quality bearings, hard oxide treated cylinders and large cooling fans on our Top units.

To eliminate, in addition to oil, also traces of moisture, we are able to combine external dryers or even membrane dryers mounted directly on the compressor (optional).

Looking for manufacturers of oil-free compressors for dentists? Do you need to purchase a twin-cylinder dry compressor? Not sure who to contact for the maintenance of your coaxial compressor?

Contact us to request a custom quote. At our warehouse, you will find spare parts that are always available.

Silenced compressors for dentists and medical practices

The pumping units can be mounted on tanks starting from a capacity of 15 litres and up to 270 litres. Furthermore, the silenced version is also available for all situations where it is important to minimise noise, such as at dental practices.

Our range of oil-free dry compressors for dentists, in fact, has been designed to meet the particular needs in the medical and dental field, where the use of dry and sterile air is a forced choice. These compressors are completely oil-free and equipped with an absorption dryer, which generate clean, moisture-free air, as required for specific applications by dentists and doctors.



We export to all continents

If you are looking for dry compressor manufacturers, don’t hesitate to contact us! 2/3 of our production is intended for use abroad and for this reason we export to all continents.