Screw type

Screw compressors

The rotary screw compressor must be installed whenever the user has a constant need for air so that they are able to work continuously.

Designed, in fact, to maintain a constant production of air, it is capable of working in the most extreme conditions of use.

Our range of compressors starts from 5.5HP – 4kW up to 60HP – 45kW. They can be either oil-injected or oil-free.

Do you need to purchase a compressor with pressure at 10 bar? The screw compressor is the right one for you! Contact us to request a custom quote. We also provide an excellent after-sales and maintenance service.

Main features

Below we list the main features of our screw compressors:

  • All the sides can be opened to facilitate checks and maintenance
  • Screw assembly with suction valve
  • Electric motor with anti-vibration elements
  • Easy to use and intuitive electronic card: it allows any operator to easily intervene.

In the production phase, particular attention is paid to modularity, energy consumption, low maintenance costs, ease of installation and use of the compressors.

Moreover, the spare parts have low costs and their maintenance is simple and facilitated by the ease of opening.


Versatile products

Versatility is the characteristic that makes Gis screw compressors so special: in fact, a wide range of models are available and also a vast choice of accessories and customisations. Since 1956, we have never stopped working on the innovation, optimisation and energy savings of our compressors.

The entire production cycle is entirely carried out within our company according to the regulations in force and is performed by qualified personnel to maintain a high level of quality.

Contact us to request the supply of our products. We operate both nationally and overseas.