On a base

Air compressor with belt drive, without tank

The compressor on base is essentially an air compressor without a tank, which can be connected to another tank already in the customer’s possession with the possibility of multiple coupling, or, if purchased with a 3-litre tank and electrical system, it can also become immediately operational by connecting it to an existing system.

Base-mounted compressors are supplied complete with delivery pipe, check valve and anti-vibration pads.

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Standard and customised solutions

The range of base-mounted compressors has been designed and marketed for customers who have limited space or who carry out their own installation with a separate air tank. All the bases are equipped with pumping units and high-performance motors to adapt to a wide variety of applications.

We offer reliable industrial air compressors that are energy efficient and suitable for all low, medium and high pressure applications suitable for many industrial sectors and civil applications.

We provide standard and customised solutions.


We constantly monitor the efficiency and quality of our products

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