Coaxial compressor units

Gis brand coaxial compressor units are designed to drastically reduce any kind of power loss. The pumping stations, both lubricated and oil-free, can be applied to coaxial compressors of our production or, with the appropriate checks and modifications, to compressors of other manufacturers.

The pumping unit is an essential component for the correct operation of a compressor and is responsible for managing the inlet and outlet gas flows and for pressurising the air. It follows that choosing the right compressor unit will always guarantee high performance and make everyday use easier.

For more information, please contact us. You can request a professional 240, 260 or 360 litres per minute pumping unit at a very competitive price.

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We study each of our products in detail

To create our coaxial compressor units, we have taken into account three fundamental criteria: compressor power, choice of materials and maintenance.

Our coaxial units are designed to adapt to both sporadic use and more complex and professional environments, such as in precision mechanical workshops. When it comes to materials, we have carefully selected only the best:

  • Cast iron for longer-lasting shafts and cylinders;
  • Die-cast aluminium for excellent heat dissipation;
  • Stainless-steel for higher resistance.

Maintenance is a service that we guarantee to all our customers who want to rely on an expert company specialised in the production and distribution of compressors.

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Over the years, we have become a reference point both nationally and internationally in terms of the quality of our products and related services.

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