On tank with dryer

Compressor on tank with dryer

The screw compressors can also be assembled on the tank together with a dryer: in this way the customer will have a complete compressed air station in a confined space.

The dryer is recommended in all those cases where the customer needs dry air, i.e. without humidity or condensation. To eliminate dust or oil particles, instead, it is possible to use the FGO line filters in combination.

The compressor-on-tank version with dryer is indeed one complete central unit for the production and treatment of compressed air assembled down to the smallest detail and capable of supplying air without condensation.

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Why is a dryer needed?

The air in the atmosphere is humid and, when we need to compress it, the water vapour tends to condense and pass to the liquid state along the distribution line: the result is that in the pipes, in the cylinders and in the mechanical movements you can find water that, obviously, creates oxidation and damages the equipment and the product being processed.

By correctly managing the humidity that the compressors produce internally, it is possible to avoid damaging pneumatic machines, pneumatic motors, valves and other components, as well as avoiding possible contamination of the final products. To avoid unnecessary maintenance, repair and possible production stops, it is advisable to adopt a proactive attitude and to correctly implement the necessary steps to keep the compressed air dry, clean and suitable for the activity to be performed.

Without the use of a dryer there is therefore the possibility of finding water in the form of condensation, with consequent possibility of faults and production interruptions, and there is the risk of having to incur expensive repairs and maintenance.

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