Fixed foot Tandem compressors

The so-called “Tandem” compressor is equipped with two pumping units which, on the one hand, are used to increase the overall power, and on the other, to be able to use one or two heads depending on the need for air at the relevant time.

All Tandem compressors are equipped with a timed electric control unit in compliance with CE standards and usually start from a 500 litre capacity but, on request, we can also produce tandem compressors with smaller tanks.

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When are they recommended?

In certain situations, it is highly recommended to choose tandem compressors, i.e. compressors with two pumping units that can work both together and separately.

When the air consumption is not constant, or when there are peaks in the use of air, the tandem compressor allows modulation of the production of air according to requirements. In addition, if one of the two pumping units has a fault, the other can continue to work without having to stop the activity.


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The Tandem range offers a modular solution with the start-up of one or both pumping units simultaneously. In this way, it is possible to obtain greater flexibility in the event of fluctuating air requirements and whilst ensuring a backup solution that is available when maintenance is required on one of the two pumping units.

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