Motor compressors

Do you need a mobile compressor?

Motor compressors are used in various industrial and agricultural contexts. In particular, in agriculture, they are used for pruning and olive harvesting operations. Used in combination with pneumatic pruning shears, they facilitate collection operations. Thanks to the pneumatic wheels, they can be easily moved around fields, especially those that contain several hundreds of plants.

Gis, located in Carpi, in the province of Modena, deals with the production and sale of small-scale compressors, both diesel and petrol.

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Petrol or diesel engines

Our standard petrol-driven compressors are equipped with Robin-Subaru brand engines but, at the customer’s request, we can also fit Honda or Yanmar engines.

Our standard diesel-powered compressors are instead equipped with Hatz brand engines but, at the request of the customer, we can also assemble Rato engines, a more economical Chinese manufacturer brand but with excellent quality standards.


Machines guaranteed and accompanied by qualified technical assistance

The motor-driven compressor is designed to be used in conditions where there is no possibility of connecting to the electric current. Suitable for many fields of application, it can also support the most difficult conditions to guarantee quality and efficiency.

Trust us when choosing your new diesel or petrol compressor! You can choose from a vast range of machines for compressed air treatment, guaranteed and accompanied by qualified technical assistance.

The motor-compressors we offer are equipped with sturdy frames and a wheeled structure for easier and more manoeuvrable movement, as well as boasting solid and compact motors capable of supporting significant effort.

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