Compressor units

Do you need to buy a compressor unit?

It is not always necessary to change the compressor. Our company provides compressor units that can replace the already existing group, having availability of coaxial units both lubricated and dry and compressor units with belt drive single-stage and two-stage.

If you need a pumping unit with belt transmission or a coaxial compressor unit for your professional compressor, do not hesitate to contact us to request a custom quote.

All assemblies on our compressors are also available separately as spare parts.

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Coaxial units

The coaxial compressor units we supply are divided into two categories: lubricated and oil-free units. They are ideal for use in handicraft, industry and hobbies and can be applied both to compressors of our production and, with the appropriate changes, to compressors of other brands, as they meet the highest requirements in terms of power, precision, robustness.



Gis brand coaxial compressor units are made from the best materials and ensure the correct management and functioning in terms of air flow and pressure.


Dry coaxial

Based on oil-free technology, dry coaxial compressor units are ideal for use in industrial applications, dental practices, and the food industry.

Belt-driven units

The pumping units with belt transmission are available in single-stage and two-stage versions. Equipped with a cast iron cylinder for long duration, steel valve plates and stainless-steel blades for very high efficiency, they are always sold equipped with an aluminium flywheel. The cast iron flywheel is available on request as an optional extra. Our flywheels are multi-finned and balanced to optimize cooling and transmission.



The single-stage belt-driven pumping units we manufacture and distribute are available with different powers and capacities, depending on the customer’s needs.



Equipped with two cylinders, two-stage compressor units mean greater efficiency, lower noise levels and high performance. Visit the section and download the catalogue for more information.


4-cylinder two-stage

The higher the number of cylinders, the greater the efficiency. That is why our 4-cylinder two-stage compressor units are perfect for the optimal handling of large volumes of compressed air.

Reliability, durability and efficiency

All the pumping units we supply have been selected during more than 60 years of activity and, even now, we carry on with commitment the work that makes us unique in terms of reliability, durability, and efficiency.

An accurate control of all stages of production and a precise final testing of all pieces created, are the characteristics that distinguish us from the competition and make our company an ideal partner in this field.

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