Compressed air treatment

Spare parts and accessories for compressed air systems

Gis supplies components and accessories for the design and construction of compressed air systems. With the aid of dedicated tools, the company is able to analyse the flows to control the actual need for air and, consequently, to suggest the best solution.

Is there something wrong with your old compressor? Do you need original spare parts for compressors? Contact us! We will provide you with all the products you need as quickly as possible.

At our headquarters we have a well-stocked warehouse for spare parts management. Among the components and accessories offered you can find: pumping units, electric motors, tanks, dryers etc.

If you are looking for a company that sells spare parts and accessories for compressors, if you need to buy a professional dryer or if you need a new tank for your compressor, don’t hesitate to contact us to request the availability of our products. We operate throughout the national and international territory.


The dryer is used to obtain an air outlet that is free from humidity, which is particularly important for certain types of activities, such as painting. We offer refrigeration dryers with aluminium-copper heat exchanger for perfect operation and with Energy Saving technology.



Our tanks are of Italian manufacture, available in many sizes also not present in the catalogue, always equipped with safety valve and pressure gauge. The standard pressure is 11 Bar but, on request, we can supply tanks tested to work at 15 Bar.


Compressed air filters

Compressed air filters in our catalogue are available in different models and offer excellent air quality. They consist of pre-filters, coalescing filters and activated carbon filters. The latter ensure odourless air, free of oil vapours.


The importance of using original spare parts

Our original spare parts are manufactured to the same standards as your compressor. They have passed the same durability tests and have been shown to guarantee the best investment protection. In this way, your production line is guaranteed and remains at the same high levels.

The use of original spare parts significantly reduces the risk of production stoppage which would be extremely expensive and guarantee optimal performance from the compressed air system.

Furthermore, replacing the components at regular intervals helps to prolong the life of your compressed air system, guaranteeing significant savings in terms of energy and costs as well as maximum air flow at the lowest operating cost.

The spare parts supplied by us are always certified and tested. Providing complete assistance to each customer is our goal.

Contact us to request the availability of our spare parts.