On tank

Screw compressors on tank

In all cases where there is a need to contain dimensions, the screw compressor can be assembled directly on the tank. In this way, a compressed air station can be placed in a small space.

We can fit compressors of up to 15 HP – 11kW on the tank, up to a capacity of 500 litres. On request, we can also create special assemblies, not present in the catalogue, always taking into consideration the correct proportion between compressor power and tank dimensions.

The screw compressors have a standard three-phase voltage 400/690/50Hz.  On request we can also supply other voltages.

To avoid the injection of water into the compressed air system, we recommend combining our dryers, which can also be assembled on the tank together with the screw compressor, thus creating a complete compressed air station in a contained space.

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Greater air flow with lower energy consumption

Thanks to our experience, we offer a wide range of innovative screw compressors and accessories for air treatment, using the best and most advanced technology to guarantee the best quality on our products.

Made for efficient and constant performance over time, the profiles of our screws guarantee greater air flow with less energy consumption.

Thanks to the high quality of the bearings and the high precision machining, we are able to guarantee low noise and low maintenance costs.


Customised solutions for all production companies

Our company provides the customers with powerful and compact rotary screw compressors, for those who need efficiency even with small dimensions. At our headquarters, our experienced staff works every day to create customised solutions for all production companies.

The screw compressor can be mounted on a 270- or 500-litre tank, forming an independent unit. For anyone who needs dry air free from humidity, we also have a version with dryer available.

All the proposed machines are low-noise and built with top quality components, a feature that also guarantees easy maintenance.

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