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Gis srl: production and maintenance of air compressors

Gis srl‘s roots can be traced back to 1956 when Giorgio Sgarbi who, at a time when nobody would have imagined, expertly grasped and understood the secrets of compressed air and its use, and it is a passion and dedication that has been passed down to his son Gianfranco.

In July 2022, Gis srl was acquired by Sau Group, whose core business since 1982 has been the production and marketing of high-quality tools. Gis srl, therefore, elevated the level of companies belonging to the group.

Sau Group
 Sau spa
was founded in 1982 in Polinago in the heart of the Modenese Apennines and its core business is the production and marketing of high-quality tools, both in carbide and mechanical clamping, for the global precision metalworking industry.


In 2009 Sau entered into partnership with the long-established company BBO in Reggio Emilia that deals with tool sharpening and special parts manufacturing. 2018 marked an important year, Sau first acquired Gibellini Camera that designs and manufactures large format analogue cameras, one of the most important photographic brands in the world, again in the same year Sau opened a new 3D printing department, Sau Prototyping.
 In 2019 the company AGS Automation joined the group, with which the specific vertical warehouse for tool management “The Box” was developed.

We have a wide range of machines available: the Hobby series, professional, industrial, oil-free compressors with powers from 0.34 kW up to 18 kW for piston compressors, both normal and silenced. Heavy duty screw compressors with over 75 kW power in the silenced version, refrigeration and absorption cycle air dryers, all accessories for compressed air, spare parts availability.

In addition to custom manufacturing and compressors, we also handle their maintenance, repair and periodic servicing.

Also contact us for the construction of custom compressors or to request our assistance service. We are located in Carpi, in the province of Modena.

Services dedicated to companies and individuals

The world of compression tools is constantly evolving: it is therefore necessary to create all the best conditions to offer the customer the most appropriate support in order to solve specific problems. Attention to their needs is considered one of the most important factors for us. It is precisely for this reason that we always try to provide indications on the best product to satisfy the customer’s requests in relation to both the actual air consumption verified with special instruments and to the budget level available.

In addition to the production of custom and personalised compressors and assistance on our machines or on those produced by all the major brands in the sector, our offer is completed by numerous services dedicated to companies and individuals, starting from maintenance activities scheduled and agreed with the customer and ending with servicing of the systems and the design of compressed air distribution systems.


We adapt products and services to the specific needs of each customer

Thanks to our knowledge and our lengthy experience in the sector, we consider ourselves a reference point for the production, development and distribution of compressed air machines.

We stand out above all for the quality of our production, the result of an intense and continuous work of technological innovation, carried out by our technicians.

Furthermore, we boast an internal technical support team that is able to adapt products and services to the specific needs of each customer.

At our warehouse there is a wide range of accessories and spare parts for compressors of all kinds. We offer a complete range of high quality and high performance products at competitive prices to satisfy all market demands in real time.

2/3 of our production is intended for use abroad and for this reason we export to all continents.

Contact us to discover all our products. We are located in Carpi, in the province of Modena.