Compressor maintenance, repair and servicing

We have always offered services of maintenance, repair and servicing, at our headquarters or directly at the customer’s premises, of the compressors we manufacture and not only this. We are, in fact, able to intervene on all the Italian and foreign brands on the market, both for piston and for rotary compressors, with the availability also of the sale of used serviced and guaranteed machines.

We can supply compressors for hire and for replacement of the machines currently being repaired.

We provide advice for the improvement of the compressed air system, especially in order to identify the right solution for the needs of each customer, because, in order to work well, it is essential to install a compressor of the right capacity.

Do you need a technician for your industrial screw compressor? Are you looking for a company to provide assistance for compressor rooms and to periodically check compressed air systems?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to request our assistance! Trust us with your compressor!


The importance of regular maintenance

A compressed air system allows for considerable savings.

Compressed air is one of the most important services for the industry: mechanical processes, production lines, construction, earthmoving, food industry, automotive industry, hospitals, dental practices, etc. all require compressed air.

Regular maintenance is extremely important to ensure reliable operation and extended compressor life. The periodic execution of maintenance interventions and the use of original spare parts is synonymous with long life.

Our assistance service includes:

  • Repair interventions
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and servicing of the compressor room
  • The borrowing or rental of replacement units including large scale ones
  • Scheduled maintenance contacts.

If you need a maintenance service for your compressors, contact us! We are able to satisfy your every need as the success of your business is also ours.

We have the experience, know-how and equipment to manage large and small projects.


Maximum attention to the assistance service

Operating for over 60 years in the compressed air sector, we have gained significant experience in compressor maintenance, repair and servicing. A quality service bases its foundations not only on the years of experience but, above all, on the constant updates of the production staff and on that of the technicians assigned to assistance and repairs.

We always try to guarantee the production line of your compressed air system thanks to a complete maintenance system that covers all machine downtime.  Our dedicated support staff ensures prompt intervention on the spot or at our workshop.

Contact us to request our service! We take the utmost care in our support service to allow our customers to focus on their activities. The result is increased productivity.