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Our screw compressors are designed to maintain constant air production and work under the strictest conditions of use. We have always paid particular
attention to product modularity, reduced energy consumption, low maintenance costs and ease of installation and use. Our range offers floor, tank and tank version with dryer. We can meet all the needs of our customers with a power output from 5.5 to 100 hp

Compact version GSE 5 – 10 HP

Screw compressor on tank

In all cases where there is need to contain the dimensions, the screwcompressor can be assembled directly on the tank. In this way, a compressed air station can be positioned in a small space.We can mount compressors tank up to 15 HP – 11kW, up to a capacity of 500 liters. On request, we can also realize special assemblies, not present in the catalog, always considering the right proportion between compressor power and tank size.

Screw compressor on tank complete with dryer

The screw compressors can be assembled on a tank by integrating a dryer: in this way the customer will have a complete compressed air station available in a small space. The dryer is recommended in all those cases where the customer needs dry air, so without moisture or condensation. The compressor version on tank with dryer is a complete production and compressed air treatment plant assembled in detail and able to provide condensate-free air.

Screw compressor on tank with dryer

Screw compressor with inverter

Nowadays the trend of all companies is to pursue energy saving. Our screw
compressors can be equipped with an inverter or phase inverter, that is, an electronic input/output device able to convert a direct current into an alternating current output and to vary the amplitude and frequency parameters.

This allows significant energy savings for the company and important advantages for the environment.

A major energy saving

On our machines we install simple, reliable and compact inverters whose use extends the life of the compressor itself and the reliability of the system, because it reduces the number of start and stop.

Our inverter line allows to optimize the operation of the screw compressor according to the actual air consumption of the user. The inverter modulates the frequency of the motor reducing its absorption and therefore allowing an important energy saving.

Energy-saving inverter version

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