Oil-free compressors

Trust us to supply your Oil-free compressor!

So-called dry compressors are not lubricated, i.e. they work without oil.

Oilless operation is required in all those cases in which the air must be free from grease particles and, for this reason, are suitable for the food industry and in medical practices.

When you need a dry compressor with dryer, high reliability and for any professional use, then you need a Gis oil-free compressor.

Thanks to the careful service offered to our customers, we are able to satisfy every need, from small use to large industry. For each type of application, we are committed to identifying the required air quality and the most suitable product based on the needs of each customer.

Would you like to learn the price of a silenced dry compressor? Do you need the supply of dry screw compressors and don’t know who to contact?

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Top Series

The Top series oil-free compressors are entirely produced at our factory on our design and patent. The power starts from 1 HP and reaches up to 3 HP, with pumping units of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or 3 cylinders. The units are coaxial. We fit high quality bearings, hard oxide treated cylinders and large cooling fans on our Top units.


High performance series

The High Performance series is characterised by a Japanese production group that makes use of the machine similar to a screw compressor. The head is guaranteed for 4 years or 10,000 h. Our company is a leader in the supply of professional air compressors, monophase or three-phase, with excellent performance, suitable for a wide range of applications and for the most demanding of customers.