Maintenance and assistance

As we have been producing compressors since 1956, we are able to guarantee technical knowledge and production capacities that are able to meet the needs of each customer.

By contacting specialised manufacturers and experts like us, you will have the guarantee of an assistance service for the maintenance and repair of your industrial compressors, prompt and always excellent, ideal to satisfy the needs of attentive and demanding customers.

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Custom products

Thanks to the constant and dedicated work of a team of specialists, as well as the availability of cutting-edge resources and latest-generation technology, our aim is to position ourselves as a single point of contact with anyone who needs compressors of any kind. When very specific requests must be fulfilled, it is advisable to design a customised system, capable of satisfying, in every respect, the needs of customers that are more and more demanding.


We carry out maintenance, repair and servicing of the compressors we manufacture at our headquarters or directly at the premises of the customer, and not only this. We are, in fact, able to intervene on all the Italian and foreign brands on the market, both for piston and for rotary compressors, with the availability also of the sale of used serviced and guaranteed machines. We can supply compressors for hire and for replacement of the machines currently being repaired.