Vertical tank

Compressors with vertical tanks

The compressor with vertical tank is suitable for all occasions where the space available is limited and it is necessary to reduce the overall dimensions.

The capacity of vertical compressors ranges from a minimum of 24 litres up to a maximum of 270 litres, and always in the vertical configuration.

Some models can be equipped with rear brackets and even wheels to make handling possible.

The reciprocating piston compressors with a 100-litre tank are available in two different configurations, one higher and one narrower, the other lower and wider.

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Ideal for anyone with limited space

Practical above all for daily use and of course also very functional, the vertical compressor is equipped with a tank and wheels with feet that are used to eliminate vibrations during use as well as facilitating transportation of the instrument.

Purchasing a vertical compressor means having the opportunity to exploit an instrument that has an excellent tank and guarantees a high degree of power, which will make every task less complex than expected.

Of course, a vertical compressor compared to a classic model is ideal for anyone with limited space.


We only use resistant materials

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All our compressors are easy to maintain and are made of resistant materials: this is how we have built our success all over the world.

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