Sil Comp Series

Super silent monophase compressor

Our company deals with the production of monophase, super silent compressors for small capacities, with powers of 0.450 HP – 0.340kW. These machines are ideal for small laboratories or domestic use, whose the noise level does not exceed that of a refrigerator.

On request, the units are also available in a “finned” version (optional) for better cooling. All Sil Comp series compressors are equipped with a reducer filter on a pressure reducer.

To increase the power and therefore the supply of air, we are able to offer assemblies with two or more units: special assemblies are available on request.

Do you need a 50-litre, super-silent, monophase electro-compressor for home use? Contact us to request a quote without obligation.

Various levels of comfort

The silenced compressors are compressors equipped with a soundproof cap that is able to reduce most of the noise emissions. These solutions are suitable in those environments where, in addition to a professional machine, it is also necessary to pay attention to the working comfort of the operators or of those persons who carry out activities adjacent to the place where the compressor is positioned. To satisfy every need, these silenced compressors are available with tanks of different capacities.

We have a wide range of reliable and innovative products that cover different levels of comfort and guarantee the perfect solution for all our customers.


A safe investment

When uninterrupted compressed air is required, Gis compressors are a safe investment. Strength and reliability are the basis of our productions, to offer maximum reliability.

Thanks to our experience, we offer a wide innovative range of silenced compressors, which use the best and most advanced technology to guarantee optimum quality. Made for efficient and constant performance over time, they guarantee greater air flow with lower energy consumption.

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