With Inverter

Screw compressor with inverter

Nowadays the tendency of all companies is to pursue energy savings. Our screw compressors can be equipped with inverters, or phase inverters, that is, an electronic input/output device capable of converting a direct current input into an alternating current output while varying its amplitude and frequency parameters. This allows considerable energy savings and consequent economic savings, without considering the advantages for the environment.

The greater initial expense is recovered over time, also in consideration of the long life of the compressors.

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Significant energy savings

On our machines we fit simple, reliable and compact inverters whose use extends the life of the compressor itself and the reliability of the system, as it reduces the number of starts and stops.

Our inverter line is used to optimise the operation of the screw compressor according to the actual air consumption of the user. The inverter modulates the motor frequency, reducing its absorption and thus allowing significant energy savings.


The need for compressed air

Where there are important compressed air requirements, it is more than ever essential that the air supply is not only reliable and economical but, often, also very flexible. In fact, the need for compressed air varies depending on the production, over the same day and during the week. These variations can be fairly accentuated: the more accentuated, the greater the energy consumption in the idle operating phases.

Producing only the air needed for the production cycle is the intelligent answer to the problem of reducing consumption and energy costs.

Our inverter screw compressors offer an efficient modular compressed air system that fully meets these needs.

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