Spare parts

Accessories and spare parts for compressed air systems

When you partner with us, you will find a wide range of accessories and spare parts that are always available to extend the life of your compressors and compressed air systems for as long as possible.

We supply original components and spare parts that are manufactured to the same standards as your compressor, have passed the same durability tests and are proven to provide the best protection for your investment. In this way, your production line is guaranteed and consistently maintains the same high standards.

If you need a single-phase or three-phase electric motor, a pressure switch, pressure reducer, etc., don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why is it important to use original spare parts?

The use of original spare parts not only ensures optimum performance from your compressed air system, but it also significantly reduces the risk of production interruptions, which would be extremely costly should they occur.

Replacing parts at regular intervals also helps to prolong the life of your compressed air system and ensures significant energy and cost savings, as well as maximum air flow at the lowest operating cost.


Certified and tested spare parts

Our company supplies components and accessories for compressed air systems. In addition, we use special tools to analyse air flows to check actual air requirements and, as a result, provide customers with detailed and professional advice, tailored to their needs and demands.

At our premises we have a well-stocked warehouse for spare parts, which are always tested and certified.

It is our aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive assistance service. Experience and professionalism are characteristics that have made us a reliable and safe partner, who has earned the trust of its customers.

Contact us to ask for the availability of our spare parts.