Piston compressors – Belt drive

Piston compressors with belt drive

The piston compressor with belt drive is the most common and multi-purpose type of compressor: it starts from a power of 2HP – 1.5kW up to 15 HP – 11kW, with tanks with capacity from 20 to 1000 litres.

The pumping units up to 3 HP – 2.2kW are always single stage, from 5.5 HP 4kW always two-stage while the compressors with 4 HP – 3kW power can be assembled with a two-stage or single-stage unit.

The tanks are present in the catalogue with maximum standard pressure 8, 10, 11 Bar but, on request, we can also supply tanks at 15 Bar.

Gis meets both the needs of the private individual who uses the compressor for small domestic tasks and the needs of companies that require greater power without having a continuous use of air.

Do you need to purchase a piston lubricated reciprocating compressor? Contact us! In addition to production, we also ensure a rapid and professional maintenance and assistance service.

Our compressors are 100% made in Italy and entirely manufactured at our headquarters. We export to all continents.


Horizontal tank

The compressor with horizontal tank is probably the most popular of the belt driven piston compressors. The capacity of the tank varies from 20 litres up to 1000 litres and, on request, we can also increase this further. We offer single-stage and two-stage units.


Vertical tank

The compressor with vertical tank is suitable for all occasions in which space needs to be reduced. Their capacity ranges from a minimum of 24 litres to a maximum of 270 litres. In addition, some models can be equipped with rear brackets and even wheels to make better handling possible.



The Tandem compressor is equipped with two pumping units that are used to increase the overall power, making one or two heads work depending on the need for air at the relevant time. They are all equipped with a timed electric control unit that conforms to EC standards.


On a base

The compressor on base is essentially an air compressor without a tank, which can be connected to another tank already in the customer’s possession with the possibility of multiple coupling, or it can also be functional by connecting it to an existing system.